When I Grow Up I Want To Dress Just Like This...Courtney Trop.

MG_6281 i remember years ago having a discussion with my sister...it was something about acknowledging the fact that i dress as well as the next girl, but i want to be one of those gals; the type of gal that puts the unpredictable together and it simply comes out fabulous. often times i feel like when i try to arrange an unexpected outfit it comes out clownish. i also think that knowing ones limitations is a true gift. ha!

in case you haven't noticed courtney trop of always judging is one of "those girls." obviously, with the face on this one, she could probably get by in just about anything...however, the real bonus is the fact that she chooses to dress up that face in really great unexpected attire.

although i am pretty sure i am years older than ms. courtney, i want to dress a bit more like her when i grow up...

MG_3364 Nili-Lotan-vintage-green-sweater-2 Fox-and-Bond-16 RUMI-White-Choker-1 MG_3588 Velvet-Denim-8

xo mrs. french