Montauk Beach House by Space Exploration

montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-1 space exploration is an architecture and design firm out of new york city and i absolutely love what they do. this montauk beach house i the perfect example of why that is...just when i think i am over white? right? i am beginning to think it's here to stay. especially when it is snazzed up with wood and black.

i also find it funny how many somtimes-homes, i want to make my all the time home...

montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-2montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-3 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-5 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-6 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-8 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-8b

montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-14-600x900montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-8c montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-9 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-10 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-12 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-16 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-15 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-17

i have to scroll through this one a few more times...

xo mrs. french

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