beek_Group-Summer16 beek is my latest favorite. beek sandals are not only incredibly nice looking, but are also so comfortable...definitely my goto footwear this time of year.

beek is yet another situation where best friends come together to create something amazing. birgit and kenna had been friends for over 10 years and came up with the beek concept over a glass of wine a couple of years ago...playful conversation turned into the beek brand. beek sandals are unique due to the fact that they are 100% leather and have built in arch support, which is incredibly important for a gal like me. most sandals that have this level of support are partially composed of synthetics and can appear bulky. beeks are completely slim and feminine, and also supportive. you can see the addiction potential here.

i am also thrilled to announce that this blissful sponsor stands behind a truly important cause; there are approximately 15.9 million children under the age of 18 in the us that do not have enough to eat...beek generously provides a meal to a child in need for every pair of sandals sold. i do love that...


the magic truly becomes apparent when you see beeks on...thanks to some of our favorite influencers and photographers you can see how these sandals can beautifully fit into everyday life, as well as making special occasions that much more special...


mark oblow, taylor cole, natalyaya, source unknown, natalia dressed, beek nest, taye hansberry, morgan smith

i am so proud to call beek a blissful sponsor, and wear my beek sandals a ridiculous amount.

xo mrs. french