Bryr Sandals

Maya_Black_0324_a0f3396c-a6e9-4f89-bed6-74ae63deac2a oh bryr, how do you do that? how do you stay so darn fantastic season to season. i won't lie, i am a gal who considers herself to be rich in clogs and it never fails, my bryrs are the ones i reach for.

isobel is truly a genius when it comes to design and this is obvious when one happens upon a pair of bryrs. at the moment, the sandals continually fill my cart...i would so love have a pair for each ensemble i wear this summer. this seems perfectly doable considering the choices seem to be endless.

i am so incredibly thankful to have this timeless favorite sponsoring bliss...thank you isobel and your beautiful bryr.

Maya_Veg_Tan_0404_0676f358-25f0-4706-893e-9f20ac4ea57b Emma_Spanish_Cognac_0536 Gwen_Black_0304_5385b452-778a-41bc-876d-64066398671a Annabelle_spanish__Black0593 Hannah_Rust_0442_c1abc54c-e2a3-4011-b30f-127ea1df97c2 Imogen_Hurache_Coffee_Bean_0101 Margot_Rust_0505_833341c9-87d8-40bd-8bfc-009fbace845b Miranda_Peep_Coal_0038_318c4c23-0d17-4206-9ee7-d26febdc0abb Annabelle__Veg_Tan_and_Cole0573

xo mrs. french