NANA-Apartment-in-Lisbon-by-rar-studio-Yellowtrace-12 goodness gracious! i do love beautiful finishes! in particular i love the pink marble (pink marble!), marble with the richest veins i have seen...veins that seem to form the spookiest of trees, patterned ceramic tile and recycled timber floors. basically, i love this portuguese apartment and also the fact that these finishes are framed perfectly against bright white walls. is a lisbon-based architectural practice...rar. designed this apartment known as nana is on lisbon's waterfront and is situated in a 19th century building. i do love the way rar. added new and exciting features while also restoring and conserving the original characteristics that make this space truly magical. the wall tiles in the kitchen, for instance, are original. also dating back to the 19th century. perfect.

NANA-Apartment-in-Lisbon-by-rar-studio-Yellowtrace-01 NANA-Apartment-in-Lisbon-by-rar-studio-Yellowtrace-02 NANA-Apartment-in-Lisbon-by-rar-studio-Yellowtrace-07 NANA-Apartment-in-Lisbon-by-rar-studio-Yellowtrace-13 NANA-Apartment-in-Lisbon-by-rar-studio-Yellowtrace-19 NANA-Apartment-in-Lisbon-by-rar-studio-Yellowtrace-17

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