mir_Kristin__Lagerqvist-2190-900x600 overly quaint has never been my thing, but just quaint enough and a large dose of scandinavian design is simply perfect for a gal like me. obviously, this home meets my criterion perfectly. i also have a soft spot for gardening as of late....you see we have many tomatoes ripening at the moment and i completely geek out at the thought of it.

mir_Kristin__Lagerqvist-2181-900x600 mir_Kristin__Lagerqvist-2203-900x600

the mister has been all about a few chickens as of late and this gal makes the idea a bit more appealing.

mir_Kristin__Lagerqvist-2209-900x600 mir_Kristin__Lagerqvist-2210-900x600 mir_Kristin__Lagerqvist-2212-900x600 mir_Kristin__Lagerqvist-2214-900x600 mir_Kristin__Lagerqvist-2218-900x600 mir_Kristin__Lagerqvist-2220-900x600 mir_Kristin__Lagerqvist-2208-900x600 mir_Kristin__Lagerqvist-2222-900x1260

i do so love the combination of rustic and modern in the kitchen/dining area.


this sleeping space with its textiles and moon garland seems  the perfect spot for a lazy afternoon nap.


tile. oh tile. enough said.


quaint enough indeed.

xo mrs. french

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