Ranch Rehab

Dolan-House-LA-Barbara-Bestor-and-Disc-Interiors-Laure-Joliet-photo-Remodelista-Remodelista-1 this particular ranch rehab holds a special place in my heart. you see, we currently live in a 1950's ranch home...when we purchased the home, i knew that it could be amazing. "could" is the pertinent word...our home is perfectly fine, but it is a bit too closed off for the 4 of us and the ginormous yard feels like it may swallow us whole before we get to it. the one-day remodel has been trying my patience lately and i have been feeling like we may just need to ditch this old place. then today i happened upon this home and my patience seems to have returned.

i want my home to resemble this one when it grows up. of course, it doesn't hurt that the team behind the rehab is completely spot-on in my book: architect barbara bestor and disc interiors. the magic they put into this home is apparent...

Dolan-House-LA-Barbara-Bestor-and-Disc-Interiors-Laure-Joliet-photo-Remodelista-Remodelista-2 barbara-bestor-DISC-Kitchen Dolan-House-LA-Barbara-Bestor-and-Disc-Interiors-Laure-Joliet-photo-Remodelista-Remodelista-4-768x512 Dolan-House-LA-Barbara-Bestor-and-Disc-Interiors-Laure-Joliet-photo-Remodelista-Remodelista-5 barbara-bestor-DISC-Living-Room Dolan-House-LA-Barbara-Bestor-and-Disc-Interiors-Laure-Joliet-photo-Remodelista-Remodelista-11 Dolan-House-LA-Barbara-Bestor-and-Disc-Interiors-Laure-Joliet-photo-Remodelista-Remodelista-12-1 disc-barbara-bestor-porch-remodelista

so smitten and inspired...

xo mrs. french

source: remodelista