Brick and Railways

ZW6-Spoorhuis-Santpoort-11 truly, i don't think i have ever come across a home decked out in so much beautiful rustic brick. this home is a former railway house built back in 1867. interior architect jeroen van zwetselaar truly worked all types of magic to bring the newish spaced of this home together with its historic cottage self. the finished space seems as if it should have always been this way and was simply waiting for someone to put it all together...

i see beautiful spaces all day long created, designed, and built by truly talented people...i appreciate them all. however, this railway house completely stopped me in my tracks...truly a work of art.

ZW6-Spoorhuis-Santpoort-10 ZW6_Jeroen_van_Zwetselaar_interieur_architectuur_03 ZW6_Jeroen_van_Zwetselaar_interieur_architectuur_07 ZW6_Jeroen_van_Zwetselaar_interieur_architectuur_00 santpoort9ZW6-Spoorhuis-Santpoort-13 ZW6-Spoorhuis-Santpoort-12 ZW6-Spoorhuis-Santpoort-03 ZW6-Spoorhuis-Santpoort-07 ZW6-Spoorhuis-Santpoort-06 ZW6-Spoorhuis-Santpoort-02

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