So Scandinavian

1-wit-basic-riet-hout how perfectly scandinavian! am i right...just when i feel as if my horizons are spreading i happen into something so, so stereo-typical scandinavian and perfect. just when i thought i had gathered the nerve to paint a wall or two blue.

2-schilderijtjes-wit 3-stoel-riet 4-keuken-hout-ladder 7-slaapkamer-hout-bed-bamboe 8-decoratie-fles-fotolijst 9-hal-wit 10-manden-schalen 11-slaapkamer-kledingrek-ba 12-werkplek-bureau-wit

at the moment, i am having a hard time getting past that bed. where can i find one exactly like it?

xo mrs. french

via vtwonen