My Happy Place: The Home of McShane and Cleo Murnane


hellooooo! remember me? it has been awhile. i was away visiting my favorite (and only) sister over the weekend...i was able to attend her birthday party and it was exactly what i needed on this particular weekend. i also attended the the women's march in saint paul. i came away so inspired...i am not at all sure how i plan on harnessing the positive energy i encountered for nothing but good, but trust me...i am up to something.

my first day back, i am so happy to share this home with all of spoke to me for obvious reasons, but then there is the dream. this home started as a dream of architect mcshane murnane and his wife cleo. the couple designed this home well before they were set to make it a reality. they stuck to their guns and voila! here it is in all its splendor...the family home dreams are truly made of...


lovely yes?

xo mrs. french

photography: shade degges

styling: alicia buszczak

source: kinfolk