Blissful Corners: Small but Mighty Stools


jonas ingerstedt

one of the most underrated design elements, in my opinion, is the small but mighty stool. of all the pieces in my home, my round wooden stool has been one of the most constant. it has been a nightstand, a side table, a plant stand, a footstool, a magazine/pillow holder and probably more. it has made the cut through various moves and i am guessing will be around for the remaining. at first i didn't realize how many of my favorite homes also incorporate a small stool into their decor...however, i think i just hadn't looked closely enough...


(my) unfinished home

now that i have decided to give credit to this quiet/important element, i am thinking i may need a few more throughout these blissful corners of mine.

i decided to consult chairish and look what i have found.


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xo mrs. french