Beklina's Angelina Rennell


-angelina rennell

as many of you know...i am a ridiculous fan of beklina. beklina is a shop that specializes in all of my favorite clothing, homeware, and accessories and i am thrilled to have had beklina sponsor my blog for quite some time. i had mentioned in a previous post that this shop specializes in story-telling. the beautifully curated items and photographs create a world that i instantly want to be a part of.

angelina rennell started beklina and 2006 and i had to know more about the magical person behind one of my all-time favorite shops...


-reality studio iris knit jacket

me: Please take a moment to introduced yourself.

angelina: I’m Angelina, founder of Beklina. I also design the shop line of clogs, knits, custom prints and other objects.

me: What prompted you to open your shop?

angelina: I started Beklina over 10 years ago as a hobby. To be honest I never thought it was going to be my work.


-azila rug 1017 5

me: Lay out a typical day for you.

angelina: I run every morning, drink tea, drop my kids to school, then start in with emails, and then work down my task list. Mondays are more business and later in the week is more art and design.

me: Where do you find inspiration?

angelina: Oh everything really. These days it’s a lot about color, hues, and combinations. Other artists, books, nature... once a week I like to just play with paint or some other medium and not have an agenda, really just be in the moment.

me: Do you have favorite blogs/websites that you visit often?

angelina: I think that has become Instagram. But I do follow a lot of blogs still including.. and

me: How would you describe your style/aesthetic?

angelina: Creative, emotional, casual. I live in jeans, clogs and sweaters. My hair is always in a ponytail. I prefer to have less, but what I have to really love it.


-hand loomed wool pillow

me: Who are your favorite clothing/shoe designers?

angelina: Mari, Rachel Comey and vintage

me: What is your favorite thing in the shop right now?

angelina: Our new Picasso Platforms in clay. I wear them all day and love love love them.


-a détacher clark cardigan

me: Are there shops you frequent?

angelina: Addicted to checking Chairish!

me: Where do you see Beklina in 5 years? What are your next steps?

angelina: Expanding our line more and more videos, art and experimentation.

me: What is the most important thing you have learned along the way?

angelina: You don't have to know what is at the end of the path to follow one.


-beklina cashmere ballet wrap sweater

thank you angelina for being a loyal sponsor to bliss and creating endless amounts of inspiration!

xo mrs. french