We've got this...


beautiful illustration by merrilee liddiard

it seems as if only yesterday i was asking for a brief pause...a pause from my daily such and such to get my head around the terrible hurricane damage that had recently affected so many. today, i must pause yet again. my heart is broken, my eyes are teary and my head is racing. i spoke with my children today about the las vegas tragedy and i choked on my words. why am i having to fill their smallish minds with such awful things? of course, i need to discuss...however, why do we live in a world where i am forced to have these conversations? why, only weeks ago did i have to speak to my beloved b and lu about the sickening occurrence in charlottesville? when i truly stop and think, i can barely catch my breath. also, please do not get me started on the fact that i find absolutely no comfort in the words and actions of the man who's name i can barely say aloud...the man who holds the office that is supposed to bring us together in times like this, not rip us apart (goodness, i could go on and on and on).

i hear signs of hopelessness in the voices of friends and family members that used to join me in the message of "we've got this." sadly, my thoughts and words are having an awfully hard time finding the light through all of this as well. this post, dear ones, is as much for me, as i am hoping it is for you. we really do have this.

i started bliss back in a time when i found myself so surrounded by beauty that i had to share the thoughts, moments and things that i blissfully found myself inspired by on a daily basis...those bits are still there. more importantly, i will not let hate win. i will begin by conveying this message in my home, with my family and my friends. i will do my best to start a tiny wave of hope. i will talk to my children in a real way, but also give them hope for the next day or even minute. i will show and feel the deepest compassion for all of those all over the world who are hurting so deeply at this moment...i will never pretend to understand, but i want them to know that i cry for them, i think of them, hope and pray for them.

we have got this because we have to. perhaps the main reason for this post, is that i needed a reminder today.

i also understand that words can be empty. i am going to try and find ways to make a positive impact in my community and by "community" i mean the whole darn world. daunting yes? but i will do it over and over again...i encourage you to do the same. do not give hate your time and energy. obliterate it with love: through words and actions.

i am even going to get this little blog of mine involved...stay tuned.

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” -Fred Rogers

xo mrs. french