I ♡ Tuesday.


one: woven cotton napkin set - i am crushing on these napkins...prettiest softest ever.

two: plaid cocoon coat - very pricy, but also something you would have forever and ever.

three: modern powder coated wall sconce - the mounting hardware on this sconce is really too good.

four: oversized cable turtleneck - i never tire of cables.

five: peacock turquoise and diamond half sol ring - i want to renew my vows just so the mister can give me this ring.

six: pink flannel sunday shirt - i have this shirt in natural and it is really the softest top ever.

seven: dover alpaca throw - you want to touch it, don't you?

eight: lift loafer pumps - i am obsessed and they are on serious sale.

nine: minimal key ring - simply perfect

tis the season for giving right? now the decision whether you have a special someone in mind for these goodies or if you want them for yourself...come on, you know you deserve it!

xo mrs. french