I Would Stay There: The Native


i will admit it, i have been a bit of a baby. spring break has come and gone and we didn't take our typical warmer weather vacation. for the past couple of years we had hopped in the car and taken a little road trip to california...which is typically warmer than our beloved oregon. this year, life got in the way so the california sun just wasn't in the cards and i am not happy about it. instead of pouting i have decided to plan an imaginary-spring break-rewind. i believe i have found the perfect place to visit for my spring break daydream...

the native hotel in malibu. the native was built back in 1947 and was originally known as the malibu riviera hotel and had been a favorite of celebrities from the 50s and 60s. i have to believe the native is just as fantastic as the riviera...perhaps even more so. the creative agency folklor is responsible for this stunning design. i love how folklor maintain some of the original structure's features like the stone fireplace and concrete aggregate floors, while also adding elements of comfort like casper mattresses. perhaps the best feature of all is the fact that the native is located right off the pacific coast highway and just steps away from sunny beaches...so worth a do over.


xo mrs. french

via: dwell & in/out

photography: dylan + jeni