Blissful Sponsor: Roztayger

  1. cantalope soft sideways tote by ampersand as apostrophe

  2. black suede turban slide sandal

  3. st. lucia raffia hat

  4. loq nude ara sandal

  5. medium repair narrow tapered cut jean by chimala

  6. silk cashmere scarf by botto giuseppe

  7. ab65 gold hip bag pb 0110

  8. the flex tote by bonastre

  9. cm3.1 small silver wallet by pb 0110

  10. small red gingham grocery tote by trademark

  11. claus bracelet by orly genger

  12. medium pouch by anne grand-clément

  13. saddle bucket bag by trademark

  14. navy and white pinstripe linen stole by destin

  15. xs tape bag by tsatsas

  16. egg link bracelet by gabriela artigas

perfectly curated...this is what i think of when i think of the blissful sponsor roztayger. thoughtful, beautiful, and special...all the pieces available from roztayger could be described this way. heirloom quality pieces i would be proud to pass down to my lu. roztayger falls in line with my recent shift in my way of thinking, less can indeed be more if the less is so, so lovely.

i feel so incredibly honored to have elizabeth and her perfect roztayger sponsor this blog of mine. roztayger has been around for 5 years, but recently relaunched with a beautiful new linger-worthy look. i spent the morning compiling this post and found myself getting lost in all of the items i think i may need. i have compiled more than a few above. you definitely need to head over and linger as well.

xo mrs. french