I Heart Tuesday.

  1. raffia hat

  2. fire opal ring

  3. garment-dyed apron maxi dress

  4. simi air plant holder

  5. marte lounge chair

  6. linen bedspread

  7. round sunglasses

  8. romy wedge espadrille

  9. linen shirt

i am not exactly sure how i dressed myself last spring? when i look in my closet it seems as if i have nothing for the warmer weather that has quick settled in around me. the solution? shop. of course, i would love to spend zillions, however, that is simply not realistic. the solution? beautiful, modestly priced items. i think you will be surprised by the price tags as you peruse through these expensive looking items.

my house could use a springy look as well...take a peek at what i have found.

xo mrs. french