I Heart Monday.

  1. frrry pepper rivet owl

  2. the great college sweatshirt

  3. loq nuria

  4. ace & jig dahlia top

  5. mara hoffman ingrid dress

  6. zelma rose drake bracelet

  7. clare elsaesser print

  8. jesse kamm cut offs

  9. block shop comb rug

technical difficulties are real friends. as many of you know, for the last month i have had my fair share. i am thrilled to say that technological frustration maybe behind me, at least for the time-being. as always, in the grand scheme of things, technical difficulties do not seem very terrible at all...

that being said, i am back! i am hoping i am back on a regular basis just as before. i love coming back with a list! i believe my lists have come to be my most regular feature on bliss and truly something i never tire of. i hope you are able to pick out some favorites this week! if not, no need to worry...remember? i am back. there will be plenty of lists in bliss's future.

happy monday friends...

xo mrs. french