I Heart Monday.

mighty fine

mighty fine

another mighty fine list of mine!

  1. beklina voluminous tie hat

  2. dennis abalos snug chair

  3. loli double gauze dress

  4. no.6 aidan dress

  5. coclico tampico heel

  6. sophie monet egg earrings

  7. hippies nest macrame feathers

  8. avec la troupe aiguillette belt bag

  9. clair de lune lantern

we are back from our one and only planned getaway this summer. i am, truly, not sure how when we left we were dipping our toes into this whole summer thing and now that we are back, it seems we are on the tail end of my favorite season???

ok, truly...enough of this bummer-town stuff. it's summer and that makes me happy...so happy that i truly believe i may have outdone myself with all of these items today. right?

xo mrs. french