Pink & Green Brought to you by DeVol

deVOL St Johns-DSC_6923.jpg

i believe i have had the pleasure of posting beautiful kitchens courtesy of devol on bliss in the past. forutnately, or perhaps unfortunately (for me) it has become the standard by which i have chosen to judge all kitchens. most kitchens have become less-than in comparison.

as of late, my favorite amongst favorites happens to be this pink and green masterpiece, which, no surprise, is featured in a devol showroom. i have also been thinking that i have far too little pink and green in my home. i have contemplated a pink bedroom for quite sometime…perhaps i have it all wrong. the kitchen where pink and green appears to be right at home…fresh and oh so beautiful…

deVOL St Johns-DSC_7003.jpg
- StJohns-DSC_0863-HDR-Edit.jpg
deVOL St Johns-DSC_7041-Edit-2_0.jpg
- StJohns-DSC_0888.jpg

xo mrs. french

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