Bliss is Back!

Get out! Get out! Bliss is back! Actually, don’t “get out!” stay awhile and take a look around please. Where have I been? I have been rebuilding Bliss from the ground up. I did this all by myself and I am bursting with pride. The new Bliss is truly my gold-star-moment. It took quite a bit longer thank I had anticipated…worth the wait and all that. :)

The time it took, actually, was a blessing in disguise. I had the time to think about what I wanted the new Bliss to look like…what I wanted to say and all that I hoped to share. So, so many surprises in store…I am simply giddy.

This Bliss is still a work in progress…a glitch here or there can be expected. I will get to it…let me know.

In case you missed it, there is a chill in the air…Fall is upon us! I had to share a few of the fall items I have my eye on. Most come from longtime blissful favorites and I love to see them here, I am thinking you will too.

I heart Fall close-up…

No surprise, I want it all…at the very least I want to touch everything.

So thrilled to be back!

xo Mrs French