I Would Wear That...Chucks.


i confess…this is the second go-around with this post. i had it set and ready to publish and dammit! i erased the whole blasted thing! simply put, i would definitely wear chuck taylors. i love them, and i find it more than thrilling that some of my favorite street stylers feel the same way.

i am thinking i need to dust off a pair and go for it? who am i kidding? i need to go shopping! i also feel as if i may need to pair them with fishnets! who would have thought?


ummmm…i am also thinking that i need to up my animal print game. leopard and chuck? I am in, in, in!


the sources to all of this converse inspiration? check out my street board.

i do so love it when my favorite street looks are attainable…

xo mrs. french