Jersey Ice Cream Co. Again...and Again.


perhaps the best thing about taking a blogging break is the fact that when you decide to come back there are so many new things to inspire and delight.

jersey ice cream co. has been up to so many beautiful things. tara mangini and percy bright, the talent design duo that make up jersey ice cream co. have always been a favorite on bliss. their most recent projects do not disappoint. their maine home is my current favorite.

percy and tara’s design process is unique, to say the least. you may remember from previous posts, that the couple typically moves into the chosen renovation and picks everything as they go…creating a space that looks beautifully lived in and curated over time…rather than brand spanking new; which to me, often feels over-designed and sterile. old farmhouses were their specialty…homes that already had a soul.

the maine project, on the other hand, was given a soul by jersey ice cream co. this home is a 2004 new build…however, now you would never know it. structurally, the home was sound, so the duo focused on finishes and furnishings…the perfectly gypsum-based plastered walls are a personal favorite (i want to do the same treatment to all of the walls in my home!). actually, each and every thing is pretty fantastic.

bravo jersey ice cream co.!


xo mrs. french

photos via jersey ice cream co.

a full description of the project can be found on AD