Wait for it....White Subway Tile!

hello friends,

we are in the process of moving ahead with a mini remodel on the french family homestead. exciting right? i thought so too. then it happened, a bit of inspirational void (overload to be exact) pertaining to the most important room in my house…the kitchen. i have been dreaming of designing my kitchen for so long…and now that the time has finally come, i am at a loss. the funny thing is that this block had nothing to do with lack of ideas, it had more to do with too many ideas. i have been posting or designing beautiful kitchens for years and years. i wanted the design of my lifetime, my kitchen, to be monumental. i wanted it to stand out…show stopping, unique…the pressure was clearly too much.

after 3 or 4 directional designs, i decided to take a step back. i started perusing my pinterest boards and blissful archives and voilá! i had it! yes, i love trendy and bold color choices, but this is going to be something i may have to live with for quite sometime and the one thing, throughout my research, that i kept bumping into and didn’t seem to tire of was simple, white subway tile. a design element that seemed to drive the rest of the design.

whether it be 2011 or this very second, i still love white subway tile…i am also leaning toward a bit of an english kitchen influence. which i find timeless as well. of course, i will not forget insert just enough of mrs. french quirk throughout…i cannot wait to share the process…

i compiled so many interiors that helped lead me in this direction, i had to share a few favorites.

i, honestly, couldn’t be happier with my choice.

xo mrs. french