Mrs. French + Bend

We are home.  We had a fantastic time!  Bend is a magical place.  I have always been a huge fan of the outdoor attributes; amazing mountains, fresh air, skiing, hiking etc.  However, I have really started to appreciate Bend as a little metropolis.  It has a cool vibe and super friendly folks to boot.  I love this little city in Central Oregon.

Obvious reasons to love Bend: bubbling brooks, mountains...
Ahhhh...the fresh kind of pine (not from a bottle).
The not so obvious reasons:
Blue Windows.  Not only my favorite shop in Bend, but perhaps one of my all time favorites in general  It is a beautiful mix of unique objects and treasures for the home and some stunning clothing to boot.  The website describes this sweet spot as "effortlessly stylish, not trendy."  I believe this fits it perfectly.  It's eclectic and perfect without trying to be.  
Growing up in the midwest I grew up hating taxidermy.  These beautiful carved deer by Roost are a nice alternative.
 The one of a kind objects are what really make me giddy.  Like this beautiful Buddha head...
or this beautiful table and benches from a French Monastery, dating back to the late 1800's...
or bottles from an actual shipwreck.

I have to say that these fellas are what hooked me from the beginning.  They are called Delingos, which mean "discombobulated" in French.  Completely fitting, but in the most magical way.
Honestly, nothing I could say about this magical place seems fitting, you just have to visit or take my word for it.
Oh and on top of everything the owner, Michelle Ifland, is so down to earth and sweet, and has a story for everything in her special store.
We always rent a home when we visit Bend.  With full intention to cook meals at the house.  Then like clock-work, every time we discover wonderful restaurants.  This last visit sealed the deal. I may stop trying to cook in our rental once and for all.  We were originally drawn to Chow because of the name.  Simply put, B loved to say it.  We drove by and casually stated that perhaps we should try "Chow."  B kept saying it, made up songs about it and before long it had turned into this mystical land that happened to have food.  He loved it before we went in.  
We loved it as soon as we entered.  It was warm, inviting and so darn pretty.  The fact that the food was delicious was an added bonus.  Grilled cheese (with white cheddar, queso fresco, and brie) has never tasted so good and something that sounds so healthy like "whole grain salad" has never tasted so good (not in an "eat your veggies" sort of way). 

It is nice to know that we have found the perfect spot for a family trip.  Mountains, wildlife, frolicking, tasty food and stores that sell things I would be proud to put in my home or on my body.