Take a Gander Friday: Emily Martin

I am so excited it is Friday again.  There is nothing better than showcasing freakishly talented artists and decorating my little blog with such amazing artwork at the same time!  This week I am choosing to showcase Emily Martin of The Black Apple.  I recently ordered her Bubblegum Betty print due to my new found obsession with pink.  It is sweet and edgy at the same time and since its arrival I have began contemplating which print I am going to order next.  Perhaps Mysterious Genevieve?  I think Betty needs a friend.  

As I was getting ready to create this post I leapt over to Emily's blog and was astonished by the depth of Miss Martin's talent.  From paintings, to sculpture, to dolls this lady does it all.  Martha even recognizes the genius of this gal.  I am certainly no Martha, but I believe I know something special when I see it and at the very least Emily Martin's work simply brightens my day, and who couldn't use that?  Thank you Emily.