wrong, yet again...

In the past the word "wallpaper" conjured up all types of nasty memories.  Memories of my parents yelling at each other, after my sister and I went to bed, while painstakingly trying to properly adhere tacky wallpaper to the wall.  I believe the worst part would have to be the fact that once they got it up (straight and bubble-free) it was ugly.  I was about 10 years old and even then I knew it was ugly.  Since those days, I have avoided any type of wallpaper.  To be honest, it wasn't hard because I usually hated the patterns or textures available anyway.  Wow have things ever changed.  
I am loving what is out there right now.  It is beautiful, serene and sophisticated.  Here are a few of my favorites.  I have yet to commit, because we are planning on moving soon.  But when we do, I will be adorning at least one of my rooms in this luxurious stuff (probably the butterflies).  I figure that something this fabulous is worth a few arguments with Mr. French and if it is the downfall of our marriage, at least I will be single surrounded by really pretty walls.  On second thought, maybe we could just hire it done...
Bask in the loveliness:

Available at Mod Green Pod

These are available at Wallpaper from the 70's

and for the kidlets:

available at Mini Moderns