Another Bookmark

I am assuming many of you have memories of commemorative plate series sold on television or through infomercials in the 80's (yet another reason to curse this era).  My personal favorites were The Wizard of Oz collection and of course ones featuring Elvis in all his glory.  
Before this lovely post by Lisa, via Bluelines, this is what I had etched in my mind regarding plate displays.  Thank goodness Ms.Lisa completely erased this preconceived idea and filled it with visions of a luscious display fit for the walls of design savvy folks everywhere.  On top of that, Bluelines included a helpful tutorial that, of course, I bookmarked.  I am planning to collect some perfect plates and platters and creating a "wonderwall" of my own.  I hope some of you creative folks do the same...oh and please post them.  The voyeur in me is dying to see what you can come up with.