Les Indiennes

I was trying to organize my bookmarks (all 2500 of them) and I came across this little treasure: Les Indiennes.  Stunning, sensual, tranquil fabrics, paper, bedding and so much more.  I think the best way to introduce this line is to use their own words:
"Les Indiennes are designed by Mary Mulcahy and created in the ancient art of Kalamkari, an intricate Process requiring 40 days, great skill and untold patience. Sun-bleached naturally dyed cottons are hand-blocked with carved wood dipped in ayurvedicdyes derived from plants, roots, earth and rock."

...Leading to perfection:

photo coutesy of the lovely Ms. Leah Hennen

Basically, I want to rip all the fabric off of my furniture, burn my bedding and replace everything with this, all while wearing cozy, felt slippers.

Oh and you have to go to their site and peek at their flip book it is exquisite.