Warning: The beauty in this post may be too much to handle.

Part II of my little series: Noun!  Oh how I love this magical little shop.  It has been my vacation from the everyday ever since it opened a year and a half ago.  Upon entering you are automatically transported to your coolest, most fashionable friend's house.  The kind of friend you envy so much, but can't help but love because she is lovable and you hope some of her design aesthetic will rub off on you.  In a nutshell it is pretty perfect.

Stephanie Sheldon is Noun's everything.  She is the sweetest pixie of a woman.  She is that cool friend I was talking about.  It only takes a couple of minutes of conversation with her to realize where the beautiful surroundings of Noun come from. Her impeccable taste and pleasant demeanor create the eclectic space you see pictured below.

Through my research I have been frequenting Noun's website (also perfect) and have found a couple words that sum up this magical space pretty well:
"At Noun, we love any thing: 
that has a story behind it
that has more than one practical use
that's made to to last
that's made locally
that's got good design
that helps reduce waste"
Sounds pretty earth-friendly to me. 
My photos couldn't possibly do this wonderful spot justice, but you can't blame me for trying.:

                    Stephanie in all her glory

One of the best things about Noun is the fact that all of it's artist are Portlanders: Hadley Hutton, Lisa Gastelum, e. soule, Jenn Ski, Little Byrd, Puji Sherer just to name a few.

lalalalalala...this place makes me feel like singing.