Caitlin Schwerin

Portland is full of wonderful shops, some of the most unique, lovely, and eclectic I have seen. I have many favorites, but the top, of the top of that list is Tumbleweed. Tumbleweed carries all of my favorite designers.  I try to limit my visits because I have a very tough time controlling myself(I will have to try to do a shop tour sometime).  Anywho, as much as I love gushing about my favorite shop extraordinaire, this post is actually about an artist I bumped into while visiting a couple of weeks ago. Actually, I didn't bump into her per say, I tripped into her lovely work.

Her name is Caitlin Schwerin.  Her pieces are vibrant and serene at the same time and perfectly shiny, literally.  Her paintings are shiny due to a gorgeous varnish finish. She resides in Chico, California and burned in my brain.