Friday follow-up

Remember this gem of a house tour earlier this week?

Anyway, I can't get the blasted place off of my mind.  Times like these I take my obsession to the Internet and try to do something creative with it. I did a bit of researchcome to find out, this house is owned by me Harriet Maxwell MacDonald. She co founded the design company Ochre in 1996. Then in 2006 her brilliant husband came up with the idea to open up an Ochre retail store.  Needless to say, it is exquisite.  My favorite piece from the Domino tour is the "Snooze chair" (and stool) pictured above (looking all red and perfect).  The other pieces are just as fabulous and frankly need to be mine.  Not so sure they would look as pristine in my home covered in animal hair and toddler remnants....
The website is a fine glimpse, but I may be willing to give up a limb for an actual showroom visit.  Actually, for a limb there might have to be a couple of rooms of furniture included.  
Ochre perfection: