I do not heart, it is not lovely, and it is far from swoon-worthy

This is a tough post for me.  My blog has always been my sanctuary for all things lovely, pretty or inspiring (to me at least).  This is my first post about something I do not heart, I actually just plain don't like it.  My kitchen.  

We purchased this house about a month before we had B.  I took nesting to a new level.  The house we had been living in at the time was nothing that I had wanted.  I did not like the neighborhood and it was dark and gloomy.  Not to mention I had become an angry, hormonal hermit (being new to Portland and pregnant).  Anyway, we fell in love with our current neighborhood and I just knew we needed to raise our sweet baby in this neck of the woods.  This house was available and it was the right price so whamo!  We bought it!  Impulse purchase of the highest magnitude.

I looked at it as a "transition house."  I refused to decorate or put down roots.  I was on the look-out for the next best thing.  I quickly decided that this was a depressing way to live, so I started sprucing up the place.  The more I flitted about hanging art, adding window treatments and painting walls the more homey it felt. Despite this, we had decided that we were ready to get out of the big city and move on out to Bend.  Hard thing is that in the process of looking in Bend I made this little yellow house my home.  We decided to take a few steps back and slow down.  We are sticking around for awhile.  I don't think we are ready to leave Portland just yet...maybe one day...maybe never...

Anyway, ridiculously long way of saying I need to fix my blasted kitchen, because we are going to be residing here for an undetermined amount of time.  We are focusing on low budget and sparkly perfect...not sure this is possible, but we are willing to give it a go.  

I do not like the color of our current cabinets and I do not like the woodland chic hardware they currently sport.  We are going to paint them and decorate them in new cabinet bling. I also have a tough time with the counter tops.  Sad, brown and porous.  I just know those tops have all types of fuzzy fungus and nasty bacteria inside of them.  I will post shots as we spruce up the place and have a grand reveal at the end.  To be completely honest this post is for selfish reasons, it will hopefully keep me on track and help me stay true to my blogging word.
Behold the reasons I do not heart my kitchen: