I Love Surprises

Setting out today I had absolutely no idea what lay ahead.  I knew the three of us were were going to a "Grand Opening" for Barn House.  I knew it was a flea market...that was about it.  I hadn't even peeked at Barn House's blog (which is so unlike me). 

You know what?  I am glad.  It was a surprise.  It was a surprise how beautiful the countryside is, it was a surprise how picturesque the setting is, it was a surprise how perfectly imperfect every vintage item was, and it was a surprise how sweet and darn handsome the owners of Barn House are (Joe and Jermonne).  I really can't think of a much better way to spend a Saturday morning.  Oh, and it should be no surprise at all that I will be heading back soon (oh and visiting their blog on a regular basis).