Take a Gander Friday: Melany Savitt

A few weeks back we went to dinner at our friends' perfect house. Upon entering their home I was immediately greeted by the most beautiful fireplace I had ever seen. Perfectly unique, yet complimentary to their sweet bungalow.  I couldn't get that dear fireplace out of my head and called Miss Kira to tell her that I would love to dedicate a post to her fireplace and the amazing artist behind it.  

I had originally planned on doing a post strictly on the fireplace, but upon further research realized that I need to make Melany Savitt my "Take a Gander" post of the week.  Melany became interested in this type of mosaic work, Byzantine Mosaics, through her travels.  She was particularly drawn to masterpieces she encountered in Italian basilicas.  She was fortunate enough to study this amazing craft in Italy and it shows.  I still can't get this amazing artist and her work off of my mind.  I have also been trying to come up with a clever way of removing Kira and Jeff's fireplace from their home...not so sure I could fit it through the door.

more of Melany's magical mosaics: