Take a Gander Thursday: Daniela Huber-Shelton and Chris Shelton of Hasenpfeffer

I honestly get antsy waiting for Fridays, so I have decided to switch "Take a Gander Friday" to "Take a Gander Thursday." Thank goodness because I have been dying to share the work of these two amazing fabric gurus with you.

I had a love-at-first-sight moment back in early April.  I was visiting one of my favorite sites and locked eyes with The Cat (And the Fish).  I was a goner for this handsome feline and his unfortunate fishy companion.  I also fell in love with the rest of Chris and Daniela's soft soft crew of characters and woolly lovelies in their sweet Etsy shop: "Hasenpfeffer" (hello...the "Spring has Sprung" bracelet).

Chris and Daniela live in "a cottage at the edge of the woods on an island in the Puget Sound."  The description of their home sounds like the opening lines of a funky fairy tale. Which seems oddly fitting after glancing at their creatures created from discarded clothing.  Elaborating on the fairy tale scenario the Shelton's rescue rabbits!  Hence the name "Hasenpfeffer,"  taken from the queen bee bunny or "Alpha Bun" as they like to call her
Their story and their work so much cooler than my feeble words can express:

                           "Hasenpfeffer's" namesake