Weekend Wrap-up (sort of)

B had his first art opening this weekend!  He actually has been taking a "Messy Art" class on Wednesday morinings at a wonderful little studio.  This months exhibit features artists 18 years and younger, B fit the category so for kicks we put in a couple of his masterpieces (He had no idea what was going on and really just wanted to leave and go get ice cream).  Behold true greatness:

Continuing my obsession with Portland in the springtime, I took pictures of sweet blooms until my fingers cramped up.

We went here (again) and partook in my favorite dessert of all time.  This little morsel is called a canneles and it is true perfection.  The outside is crispy, beeswax goodness and the inside is vanilla, custardy cake.  Subtle, yet powerfully yummy.  We have been conducting taste tests, between the 2 bakeries in Portland that carry them and we still can't decide which one is the best.  I think we need to conduct these highly scientific tests one or maybe 73 more times...

Oh and we started a major project in the kitchen...I will post photos soon.