Angie Cao

I have found that the more I submerge myself into my pictures, the more I have become a fan of photography and the amazing folks behind the camera.  I find myself lost in other's work quite easily.  I do not think I could tire of looking at how other people view the world.  Especially when that view is from an individual with an amazing eye.  

I have recently found myself pulled to one of these amazing photographers: Angie Cao. I first discovered her work through beautiful Bloesem and have found myself going back to that particular post and Angie's site repeatedly since then.
I find her photography inspirational, personal, and lovely.  She has a way of creating a soft, quiet story through her photographs.  A story I long to be a part of. I hope you like her as much as I do.  I hope she makes you feel happy and if only for moment...peaceful. That is how I feel when I see the world through her lens.