be still....

I am so excited about this project I could just burst!  It is appropriately titled  "s t i l l."  Cindy at Quaint Handmade introduced me to s t i l l and to its lovely creator Martha.  I am a photography nut and still life shots have always been my favorite to shoot. I love the way everyday objects can be transformed into magical works of art simply by pushing that sweet little button on a camera.  I have been submerging myself in this Flickr pool since I stumbled upon it.  Here are a few of my favorites and some I submitted.  If you are in need of some serious inspiration check it out. Better yet, submit some of your own.
{Cranstone Chintz & Lace Shadow by Quaint Handmade}
{S t i l l: hot outside by eren | this vintagechica}
{chair toy light (2) by UNIFORM studio}
{nature table by elsiemarley}
These are some of mine:

Oh and this has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but I got new shoes!   Wheeee!  New shoes just make me happy in a completely superficial way.  I call them I-got-bit-by-a-dog-the-sun-is-finally-shining-shoes: