green is so much nicer than dried up and dead

The Frenches have been known to be a family of black thumbs.  We have killed lawns, trees, countless flowers and plants.  For awhile I had felt a sense of reponsiblitly to the leafy community not to plant anything.  This was all fine and dandy when we lived in Minnesota.  Then we moved to beautiful, lush, green Portland, where having pretty plants is almost a given.  I still had managed to stay away from vegetation, then we became good friends with the ladies next door.  

They adopted us.  They genuinely love B and he (actually we) love them.  I honestly don't know what we would do without them.  Since B was tiny he has referred to them as "the ladies."  Actually, more like "the yadies."  They are a huge part of our life and green thumbs as all get out.  Due to them I actually began to feel guilty for not taking care of our weed-filled nasty plot of land.  Especially since it is right next to such a pretty, pristine plot next door.  The Frenches have began to reluctantly make piece with the leafy kind.  We have ever so slowly began to plant and care for our vegetation.  For the first time ever we have not killed everything in sight and I have to admit I actually enjoy it.  

A huge factor in all of this is the beautiful nurseries in Portland.  Our favorite is Portland Nursery.  This morning one of our ladies mentioned she was heading out there, so B and I jumped at the chance.  I had no idea Mable would take to the nursery the way she did and actually am excited to go back without the B-man and take photos until I can't possibly take anymore.  

This whole post is a very, very, long and wordy way of saying "We went to the nursery with our neighbor and liked it very much.  I took a few pictures and would love to show you now."