memememememe...enough already! get to the good stuff.

Frankly, I am tired of "me," "my," and "look what I did!" on this blog.  I am changing things up a bit and moving more in the direction of "Wow, look what they have!" and "Have you seen?"  I have a feeling I am one of the few who has not.  Cabbages and Roses!  I can't believe I have went this long, addicted to beautiful clothing and had not seen this beautiful line before.  Pretty, flowy, and fresh is how I would describe their wares.  For some reason I feel as if each item would smell as if it were dried on a clothes line in a fresh, springy, mountain meadow.  Oh and did I happen to mention that they carry homeware and fabric?  Well I just did, so enjoy!

all of this loveliness found via Black Eiffel