Skona Hem

I have been impressed with my ambition to make my house a "home."  I have managed to start many small projects, only to bore quickly and move on to the next.  I have many ideas.  Lack of ideas is certainly not the problem.  Lack of focus and funds seem to be what holds me up time and time again.  I think I have tried to be the gal that can redo a home using things I already have and some ingenuity and in the process have turned into the girl with expensive taste and big ideas.  Nothing is at a standstill right now.  Actually everything is moving about a zillion miles per hour.  However, most of that movement is going on inside my noggin.

Oh well...I have been compiling beautiful ideas for quite some time.  Currently, my favorite resource is Skona Hem.  An absolutely perfect design magazine from Sweden.  I checked into a subscription, but found that a 200 and some odd dollar magazine subscription would not help my home endeavors.  Thank goodness for wonderful websites!  I am pretty sure I will barely scratch the surface with this post and may have to make it a two day series (really sounds fantastically important, doesn't it).

I have managed to choose a photo for the dining room and am in the process of getting it blown up and mounted on my wall...stay tuned for photos!