Skona Hem: White

Skona Hem day 2!  As I was going through the photos in my "Skona Hem" file I began to notice an undeniable trend?  Can you see it?  Pretty sure it doesn't take a designer to figure it out....WHITE!!!!  Obviously I love it, I mean really, really love it.  Crisp, clean, pristine and unlike my current life.  I love my current life, but would really love to step into this one for awhile.  I am thinking I need to place my life somewhere between the two, I am working on it.  

I get to pick up my photo today and chances are if I have a new photo I will need a light fixture to go with it (anyone ever read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?).  It's a dangerous cycle my friends. 

(Gray...can you believe it?  I chose a photo with gray walls!  I am patting myself on the back for this one!)