Thank you.

Yay!  I am so happy with the responses and advice.  I think #2 was the winner.  Now for my decision......take more photos (this is why Mr. French hates helping me make decisions)!!!  Actually, there is a reason for this: I love #2, but feel as if I also received some insightful tips from everyone.  I decided to apply some of that advice, pack up Mable (that's the name of my camera, totally insane, I know) and go out and take some new photos.  I am completely happy with my new choices.  The pretty pink flowers are still in the mix, along with some new Dogwood shots.  

I really have been studying my cave of a dining room and believe that the new photos could really brighten it up.  It is sad to say, but our dining room is actually more of a large hallway.  Hopefully, one of these will help. I am either going to go with canvas or a gator board option.  On top of everything else I may paint the room white!  Stop me now before my head pops off!  I will keep you posted.

The photos(it will be a surprise as to which one I choose):