The Gower St. bistro

I am almost done discussing our time at the beach.  I figure I need about a week to get over its perfection.  

It is not uncommon that a French family vacation should revolve around food and this one was no different.  There are many wonderful eating establishments in Cannon Beach, but hands down my favorite is the Gower St. bistro.  My mouth seriously waters just thinking about it.  Absolutely everything on the menu is flawless(trust me in 5 days we tried about everything) and the surroundings...simply fetching.  Honestly,  like being transported overseas to a beautiful French bistro.  

It's all in the details.  I am hoping to mimic the gorgeous tile and rustic wood floors in a home of mine one day and those bee glasses!  I love them!  You can purchase them here.

B's favorite?  That's an easy one...the carrot cake.  I am not a big fan of filling my kid to the rim with sugar, but it was vacation and hey there are carrots in it.

Mr. French's favorite?  The margaritas...a French bistro that makes a mean margarita...that's my kind of place!

My favorite? Everything!  The food, the atmosphere, the sweet waitstaff and everything in between.