Farm all his own

I remember being small, spending time at my grandparent's farm.  I remember the animals, the green fields, fresh air, tractors, and hours and hours of of boundless discovery.  Then passing out at the end of the day from just the right type of exhaustion. When I was pregnant I would talk to Mr. French about those memories and discuss how I wanted that for my little one.  Unfortunately, that farm no longer exists. Sadly it was lost years ago.  Which is why Kruger Farm is such a magical place.

Hands down my favorite place to visit in Portland.  During the summer families pack up their cars with picnic blankets, sunscreen, sunhats, and goodies and head out to the farm for Kruger's concert series.  Whee.....Most importantly B has a farm all his own, he doesn't mind sharing with his dear old mom, dad and the other couple hundred festive folks that come along.  Oh and that B, he slept in until 9:30 this morning, woke up with a smile on his face and his mouth going 100 miles a minute about the the animals, tractors, berry picking and the guitars...can't beat that!