d d d d dahlia

A couple of weekends ago we went here with our ladies.  This is not the typical outing for the French family, but we decided to give it a go.  One of the greatest things about having the best neighbors of all time is the fact that they have introduced us to so many wonderful things in Oregon.  Things that we would have never found without them.

Thanks to Donna, I now notice flowers. I think I used to purposely avoid them for their own sake.  My former blatant fear of flowers prevented me from killing them dead.  No more dear friends...I do not fear them and have even planted some.  I have only killed about 1/4 of them at this point and firmly believe those numbers will not increase.  Anyway, Donna gave me a few dahlia bulbs to plant and they are coming up beautifully.  Dahlias are now my favorite (I can't believe I have a favorite!).  After our little weekend excursion my love affair with this most stunning of all flowers has increased.  I could not stop taking pictures...

It ended up clouding over...I love how the sky came out.

B found a dahlia that had fallen to the ground...so sad for the dahlia but so wonderful for us...I loved how it looked in this fancy bowl my momma gave me.