rachel denny

Rachel Denny...I love her work with my whole heart.  I cannot believe I went as long as I did not seeing her magnificent "domestic trophies."  She contacted me with a question about photographs and opened up her warm world of "domestic trophies" to me.  She is a fellow Portlander, and nature lover: "We long of a sense of peace and rejuvenation from being out in the forest and are drawn to the wilderness of the natural world, yet spend vast quantities of our spare time taming our personal surroundings....I am interested in these contradictions..."  I find

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her words fascinating and her trophies perfect.  Since our first encounter I have daydreaming about putting one of these guys above my fireplace or better yet a row of them (this line up would work nicely) across my family room.  If you have the same fantasies the oh-so-generous Rachel has made it a bit easier to call these your own.  bliss readers will receive a 10% discount now until December 15...just mention that you saw them here in your email to miss Rachel.

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