Shutter Sisters + bliss = pretty fantastic collaboration

A while back a dear blogger friend of mine introduced me to something so wonderful...I want to say blog, but it is so much more than that...Shutter Sisters is an amazing place for photographers to gather, appreciate the work of others, gain inspiration, feedback, and share.  I have submitted many a photo to the Shutter Sisters pool on Flickr and have been astounded by the shockingly beautiful images surrounding them.  It has become my home away from bliss and I love it there.  


This is why I was thrilled (of the passing out magnitude) when Tracey Clark, the founder of Shutter Sisters and one of my all time favorite photographers asked if I wanted to work together and come up with a cross-post.  I said "YES!" very loudly.  We spoke on the phone (amazing, I know), brainstormed like crazy and came up with a nice mixture of bliss (the happiness kind) in post is on Shutter Sisters today (tomorrow for some of you) and Tracey's is both...and let us know what you are thinking. 

xo...mrs. french