GUEST BLOGGER: karey m. from mackin ink

delightfully unexpected. the very definition of our mrs. french's i heart posts. each little find of the i-never-thought-of-this-but-now-i-can't-seem-to-think-of-anything-else variety.

funny, isn't it? as though anything she hearts turns to treasure. every monday. without fail.

but this is tuesday. and mrs. french won't return 'til tomorrow, so she's asked me {can you imagine?} to share my heart with you. a delightfully unexpected and much appreciated request, for sure.

presenting my first ever i heart list. karey m.! wish me luck.

i heart this for a girl lost in love...

and these for the boy who's found her.

i heart this for a dreamer...

and these for a woman who's forgotten how to fly.

i heart this for our nice friends with the sweetest teeth...

and this for our three naughty girlies.

i heart this for date night out...

and this for date night in.

i heart this for someone who believes in magic...

and this for someone who needs a little.

i heart this for someone who loves to travel the world...

and this for someone who simply loves the world.

oh, you. thanks for making it to the end. i have to tell you, though...i don't know how mrs. french does it, monday after perfect monday. because these i heart lists? they're not so easy to assemble.

it isn't that i don't heart anything. it's just that i seem to heart everything.

especially especially mrs. french. who, thankfully, will return to her space wednesday. and who knows? maybe we can coerce her into a special edition of i heart...wednesdays. xoxo. karey m.